Caring for your Invisalign® Trays

Virtually invisible orthodontics like Invisalign and Clear Correct require regular cleaning to keep them free of debris and plaque and to prevent odor. These aligners are simple to clean.

When you brush and floss, you remove your Invisalign trays. This time without your trays should be budgeted into the couple of hours you can have them out within a 24-hour period.

When you brush your teeth in the morning and at night, all you have to do is brush out your trays with your toothbrush and some toothpaste, and then rinse them in lukewarm or cool water. Don’t use hot water because it could alter the shape of the trays.

You can also find cleaning kits for Invisalign and Clear Correct. These kits can be expensive, but they are another option for cleaning and preventing odor.

Invisalign aligners allow you to straighten your teeth with a removable appliance. You can easily brush and floss your teeth without the hassle of wires and brackets, and easily and quickly clean your trays at the same time.

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How to Care for your Braces

As part of your orthodontics treatment, it’s important to take care of the braces, and your teeth and gums. Brackets and wires can trap food and make it difficult to brush and floss, but taking care of your teeth is essential to preventing decay while you wear braces.

To care for your braces, gums and teeth, you should:

  • Brush. Preferably after every meal, you should brush your teeth. Make sure you brush along the gum line at a 45 degree angle, in circular motions. Be sure to brush all the surfaces of your teeth, including the back of your teeth, the chewing surfaces and the front surfaces.
  • Floss. Using a floss threader helps get the floss between your teeth and under the wires. When you floss downward, from gum to arch wire, use only gentle pressure to avoid pushing on the wire.
  • Wear a protective mouth guard if you play sports.
  • Avoid eating foods like hard candy or other chewy, hard food that may damage your braces. When you do eat foods like bagels, apples or other foods that aren’t soft, cut them into smaller pieces.

Our experienced orthodontists can help you with all aspects of life with braces, including making sure you know how to clean and care for your braces.

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Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Family dentistry services are essential to your child’s developing teeth, bite and oral health. We know you want to find the best family dentist for your child, and we’re committed to providing dentistry in a comfortable, safe and fun environment that is enjoyable and relaxing for parents and children.

For your child to be relaxed and comfortable with family dentist appointments, you need to feel relaxed and comfortable. Your attitude can influence your child. To make sure your family has the best dental experience possible, we provide compassionate, caring service and make sure all your questions and concerns are addressed. We take the time necessary to make sure you understand your child’s oral health needs and treatment planning options.

Our family dentists and our staff care about making pediatric dental care appointments positive experiences. We want to be the kind of dental office you and your child are enthusiastic about visiting. We are committed to building a trust-based relationship with your child and making sure he or she is comfortable with dental treatments and the dentist’s office.

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How often should I see a Dentist?

The right frequency of cleanings and exams from a dentist is different for everyone. Most dental insurance policies cover a visit every six months, so this has become the default frequency for most patients. Realistically, some people can benefit from more frequent visits, and some people may only require a dentist visit once a year.

How often you should see the dentist can depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Your rate of decay
  • Your gum health
  • Your risk factors for gum disease

If you don’t floss daily and have trouble maintaining a good oral hygiene routine, you may need to see the dentist at least once every six months. The plaque and tartar that builds up between your teeth and along your gums will need to be removed by a hygienist, and the dentist will need to check to see if decay or infection has arisen.

If you have certain risk factors leaving you more vulnerable to gum disease, you may benefit from general dentistry services more frequently. These risk factors include:

  • Being pregnant
  • Smoking
  • Diabetes and other systemic diseases
  • Using oral contraceptives

By seeing the dentist more frequently, you can prevent the progression and development of gum disease.

Of course, if you are using dental insurance, we understand it may be most cost effective for you to visit us once every six months. For most patients, this frequency can be effective. We’ll work with you to make sure you are achieving your best oral health.

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