Running Can Decrease Your Oral Health?

A good dose of exercise every day has been proven to help your body’s overall health, but a recent study shows that your teeth may not benefit in the same way as the rest of your body.

The study was done by the School of Dental Medicine at the University Hospital Heidelberg in Germany and found that athletes suffered more dental erosions than non-athletes.

The study consisted of 35 triathletes and 35 non-active people, each of which consented to the following:

  • Oral assessments
  • Saliva tests
  • Revealing their oral health habits
  • Revealing their training habits
  • Filling out a questionnaire about eating, drinking, and sports nutrition

Omaha dentists | exercise and oral healthThe study found that, when people exercised their saliva levels decreased while their saliva pH increased. The study also found that as the participants’ exercise time went up so did the number of dental erosions they had.

Saliva helps keep your mouth clean, so, when exercise causes your saliva to decrease, your dry mouth allows for more bacteria to attack your teeth.

The best ways to combat this are to stay hydrated, chew sugar-free gum to restore saliva to your mouth, and always maintain good oral hygiene.

Our Omaha, Nebraska dentists recommend that you brush your teeth twice a day, floss at least once a day, and visit us for a cleaning and oral exam twice a year. To schedule your appointment, please contact us today or call 402.445.4647.


These Foods May Be Hindering Your Smile

Omaha Dentists can help you have a healthy smileDoes the smile you expect to see when you look in the mirror seem to be less dazzling than you expect it to be? You brush and floss twice a day, you use mouthwash, and you even visit the dentist twice a year, You’re doing everything you’re supposed to, so why doesn’t your smile reflect that? It may be the foods you’re consuming regularly.

The following is a list of foods that may be affecting your smile:

  • Dark liquids – coffee, tea, soda, and red wine can be absorbed by your tooth enamel, causing deep stains
  • Onions and garlic – these release a chemical that can cause long-lasting bad breath
  • Coffee – not only does coffee stain your teeth, it causes the acid in your stomach to become neutralized which can send gastric acids into your mouth causing bad breath
  • Seeds – seeds from foods like strawberries can get under your gums and cause decay
  • Corn – corn on the cob or popcorn may be super tasty, but the kernels can get lodged between teeth or under your gums and cause decay
  • Red meat – particles from red meat can remain between your teeth and cause bad breath and decay
  • Horseradish – the majority of the taste of horseradish comes from a chemical compound called isothiocyanate which leaves behind horrible breath

While limiting these foods from your diet may seem difficult, our Omaha dentists say the best way to keep your teeth clean and healthy is to maintain good oral hygiene and visit our office twice a year for a checkup.

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