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Gorgeous family smiles after treatment from our Omaha, Nebraska family dentists at The Dentists of OmahaIf you’re in the Omaha area and are beginning the search for a family dentist that you can trust, please look no further. The Dentists of  Omaha have locations all over Omaha and have been providing our community with quality dental care for decades. We strive to give the best possible care for the members of our community, ages 1-101.

Our dentists offer the following options to ensure that you and your family are properly cared for:

Whether you’re looking to schedule your child’s first appointment or if you are in need of something more in-depth, we have everything you need. We utilize the best technology and are continuously bettering our education and skills to provide you with top-quality care.

In addition to offering these dental services, we pride ourselves on being active members of the Omaha community. We are proud members of the Ralston Area Chamber of Commerce and actively involved in a football mentoring program known as Teammates. We regularly support local charities and foundations and love being able to give back to a community that has provided us with so many wonderful experiences over the years.

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If an appointment is simply for you or will be your child’s first introduction to dentistry, we will welcome you warmly into our dental family. We take our time to learn your preferences and how to keep you comfortable and will treat you in a manner that reflects that. If you’re ready to schedule an appointment today, please call The Dentists of Omaha at 402.445.4647.

How Will Your Life Change with Whiter Teeth?

While your eyes may be the windows to your soul, your teeth may very well be the windows to your personality. Sound conceded? Yes, it may be true that this seems like a conceded view, but there are a plentitude of statistics that show that having a white smile will improve your life in nearly every area.

According to studies performed by and, having whiter teeth statistically helps a person get hired, make more money, develop relationships easier, and improve your overall outlook toward life. These studies had the following outcomes:

  • 60% of Americans believed stained teeth would negatively affect a job interview
  • 54% of Americans admit that they are more like to go on a date with someone with white teeth
  • 54% of job applicants with white teeth were given higher salaries than those with less-white teeth
  • 61% of people consider those with white teeth as more confident

Man shows off his white teeth thanks to our Omaha, Nebraska dentists at The Dentists of OmahaAt The Dentists of Omaha, we offer take-home whitening trays so you can easily whiten your teeth at your house. Our take-home trays are customized to exactly fit your teeth so they have a better fit than the whitening kits you can purchase in a store. The product we use will also leave you with glisteningly white teeth and less-sensitivity than store-bought products.

To schedule your teeth-whitening consultation and have your customized tray fit, please contact The Dentists of Omaha today. We have four convenient locations all over Omaha and look forward to helping you gain confidence in your smile. Call us today at 402.445.4647.