The Dentists Win First Place in Omaha’s Choice Awards

Top Honor in Omaha’s Choice Awards

The Dentists: Dr. Jay Samuelson, Dr. Jeffrey Garvey, Dr. Amy Ruf, Dr. J.R. Denman, Dr. Brian Pendley

Just announced: The Dentists won First Place in the category Dental Practice in the 2018 Omaha’s Choice Awards! We are honored to once again receive this award. These were the third annual awards, and we were voted Omaha’s Choice for Dental Practice in 2016 and 2017 as well.

Winners are selected by readers of the Omaha World-Herald. There were 193 categories, and we are pleased to have taken home the top prize of three dental practice awards.

At The Dentists, we are committed to providing comprehensive dental services meeting all of your goals:

It means the world to us that the Omaha’s Choice Awards are decided by local Nebraskans. We’re sure those who voted for The Dentists are our patients, and we hope that their vote of confidence means we are hitting the mark in our mission to provide great dental care. The Omaha’s Choice Awards are special because it’s local people voting for local businesses. This type of recognition is unmatched. Plus, this year, three lucky voters won gift cards to Nebraska Furniture Mart, just for voting! We look forward to hearing about the drawings for 2019 a little later this year.

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Want to learn more about us or schedule an appointment with our award-winning dentists? As proud Nebraskans ourselves, we are passionate about our mission to provide outstanding dentistry to families and individuals from Omaha, Bellevue and areas across the state.

First Day of Summer and Summer Dental Tips

Family having a summer barbecue in Omaha

The first day of summer is this week, Thursday, June 21. While dental health is always a good idea, there are several summertime particulars that you may be interested to know:

  • Cooling summer treats. Popsicles, ice cream, frozen yogurt – from a dentist’s perspective, enjoying these things in moderation is fine; however, sugar is a leading cause of tooth decay. You can prevent cavities caused by summer treats by limiting your enjoyment of them, and by rinsing your mouth with water or brushing your teeth after eating them.
  • Contact sports. Many students play sports over the summer like football, soccer, basketball and other high impact, contact sports. Tooth damage and mouth injury are a risk, but you can mitigate the risk by wearing a properly fitted sports mouth guard while you play.
  • Ice cubes. An ice-cold drink on a hot summer day can be a great way to cool down. Be careful not to chew on the ice cubes. Even if you’ve been doing so for years without problems, chewing ice cubes can easily lead to a chipped or broken tooth.
  • Hydrating with teeth-healthy beverages. We all tend to need more hydration when it gets hot outside. Choose the right beverages to reduce cavity risk. Soda, sports drinks and fruit juice (even without added sugar), are some of the main sugary culprits that increase tooth decay, especially if you sip on them all day. Substitute water, sparkling water or unsweetened iced tea. Your body and teeth will thank you!

Are you due for a cleaning or checkup? To arrange an appointment with our experienced Omaha dentists, or to learn more about us, please call one of our four office locations:

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Dental Care during National Women’s Health Week

Dental health during National Women's Health WeekThis week, May 13-19, is National Women’s Health Week. That means it’s a time set aside specifically to raise awareness of women’s health issues and the importance of prioritizing your health.

The Dentists of Omaha want to take this opportunity to remind you of the importance of your oral health. Just like the health of the rest of your body, that of your gums, teeth and mouth is vitally important. Keeping your mouth healthy means keeping it free from infection, inflammation, decay and other problems. Ultimately, this helps you avoid discomfort and the need for invasive treatments.

Here are the top tips for great oral health:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day, for two minutes each time. Use gentle circular motions and be sure to brush the front, back and chewing surfaces of your teeth.
  • Floss once every day. Flossing removes the food debris and plaque from in between your teeth. Use a long enough strand of floss that you have a clean section for each tooth.
  • Visit the dentist for your regular appointments. During your routine appointment – typically scheduled every 6 months – our experienced hygienists clean your teeth and remove hardened plaque. The dentist will examine your teeth, gums and entire mouth to ensure it is in tip-top shape.

As busy adult women in the modern world, our own health and wellness sometimes falls by the wayside as we are busy with careers, families, passions and jam-packed schedules. This week is meant to remind us all to schedule our annual checkups, get more exercise and eat healthier. Doing so can provide benefits in the years ahead!

Is it time for your dental checkup? To arrange your appointment at one of our four Omaha dental offices, please call us at one of the following numbers:

Hillsborough: 402-445-4647
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Village Point: 402-505-7474
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Do You Need a Dental Crown?

If you live in or near Omaha, and your smile is making you feel like anything less than royalty, a dental crown may be the solution.

Let’s face it: Teeth work hard and subsequently suffer from wear and tear that can damage your smile as well as your ability to comfortably eat, speak or interact with your loved ones.

But you’re not alone. Most people struggle to maintain the health and aesthetics of their smile.

Studies have shown that the majority of Americans struggle with the tooth decay that can contribute to damaged or missing teeth. Add sports injuries, craniofacial accidents and illness to the mix, and the result is that many people in and around Omaha and nationwide find themselves in need of a dental crown (or a crown repair) at one time or another.

A dental crown can effectively treat:

  • Chipped Teeth
  • Damaged Teeth
  • Missing Teeth
  • Teeth Gaps
  • Misaligned Teeth
  • Dental Occlusion

Dental crowns, which are sometimes called ‘caps,’ are among the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures, according to the American College of Prosthodontists, and roughly 2.3 million crowns are placed each year. Crowns can treat both medical and aesthetic dental issues.

The Benefits of a Dental Crown

Unlike dentures, which are removed and require special care, your dentist will permanently affix a crown to your existing teeth, or to an implant when a tooth has been removed.

Today’s crowns are made to match your natural tooth color, and in most cases require only a single visit.

Family In Bathroom Brushing Teeth

Porcelain crowns like those placed by The Dentists of Omaha are especially versatile and durable. They have the benefits of repairing damage as well as protecting teeth from additional harm.

Crowns also can be used in conjunction with other treatments such as dental bridges or implants, in order to plan the best possible treatment for you.

Here are just three reasons that our patients love dental crowns:

Dental crowns look natural. Porcelain is considered the closest material to your tooth’s natural enamel. While you can be sure that people notice damaged teeth, no one will spot your dental crown once it has been placed, regardless of whether your crown is placed at the front or the back of your mouth.

Dental crowns feel natural. Your crown will be sculpted to match the pallor and shape of your other teeth. Your dentist also will test your bite and alignment initially after your dental crown is placed to ensure that talking and chewing are as comfortable and natural for you as they were before your teeth were damaged.

Dental crowns are convenient. This is a quick, easy treatment with very little discomfort. Most often, it only takes a single visit for you to repair a dental health or aesthetic problem with a dental crown.

Don’t spend another day living with the discomfort of a damaged smile. Call or email The Dentists of Omaha today for your dental crown appointment.

Vote for The Dentists in Omaha’s Choice Awards!

Dental patient in Omaha NebraskaRight now, at the Omaha World-Herald, vote for The Dentists in Omaha’s Choice Awards. Our team is so proud to be included in the nominations again this year. We hope you’ll take a moment to vote for us. This year, when you vote you are automatically entered for a chance to win a $1,000 gift card to Nebraska Furniture Mart! There is also a drawing for a $500 and $250 gift card to Nebraska Furniture Mart (full details are explained on the Omaha World-Herald website). You can vote  once per day, every day from now until voting closes at the end of the day on Sunday, April 22.

Simply click on the link above and find us listed under the “Health and Medical – Dental Practice” section.

At The Dentists of Omaha, our dentists and entire team are passionate about providing award-winning care to our patients. We want you to enjoy your best oral health and a smile you love to share with the world.

Our comprehensive services make it possible to get your entire family’s dental needs met under one roof:

These are just some of the many services we offer. To learn more about us and our staff, please visit our Facebook page.

We are pleased to win awards like this one because we hope it means we are providing you with the outstanding service and dental results you deserve. Our team loves coming to work every day because of the patients who are at the center of everything we do.

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The Best Foods For Your Teeth

As someone who wants to keep their teeth healthy and strong, you probably already know you need to brush, floss and visit the dentist. But did you also know what you eat can affect your enamel, gums and entire oral cavity? Please click through our slide show to see which things are best for your teeth.

In general, the same foods that are good for your overall health – whole foods, fresh produce, no added sugars – are good for your teeth. Minerals and vitamins help maintain strong tooth enamel, which is the protective outer shell around each tooth. Added sugars and processed foods tend to be the worst things for your teeth. The bacteria in your mouth love these sugars, and they feast upon it and produce acid as they do so. It is this acid that causes cavities.

Your routine cleanings at our practice are also important. During these visits, our experienced dental hygienists remove the plaque and tartar on your teeth that isn’t effectively removed with brushing and flossing.

To arrange your next dental appointment, or to learn more about us, please call The Dentists at one of our four office locations:

Hillsborough, (402) 445-4647

Ralston, (402) 733-4441

Village Point, (402) 505-7474

Dundee, (402) 502-5593

5 Surprising Dental Facts

General Dentistry | Omaha, NE DentistsYour teeth. You use them every day. They are always there, but these little tools in our body are actually quite exceptional! Consider the 5 dental facts below.

  1. Chewing gum may prevent cavities. Next time you see the ADA seal of approval on a pack of chewing gum, go ahead and buy it! Unlike sugared chewing gum, sugar-free chewing gum doesn’t add to the risk of tooth decay. There’s evidence it prevents cavities. By chewing this type of gum after a meal, you’ll be activating the flow of saliva in your mouth. The saliva helps to rinse away decay-causing acids produced by bacteria in your mouth. These bacteria and the acids they produce are the most active right after you eat.
  2. Tooth enamel is really tough. The outer layer of your teeth is called “enamel.” The inner layer is dentin, and the inner chamber and pulp is contained beneath the dentin. The enamel protecting all of this structure is the hardest substance in your body! It is 96 percent mineral, according to the ADA. This is the highest concentration of mineral in any tissues in your body, including bone.
  3. Your enamel can’t re-grow. Although enamel is very durable, once it is damaged, it must be replaced with a dental restoration, such as a dental crown or tooth filling. In ages past, tooth damage or a lost tooth meant a flawed smile for good. Now, modern dental restorations provide a means of protecting vulnerable teeth and replacing missing teeth effectively.
  4. Biting power is strong. It’s possible for your teeth to bite down with 200 pounds of pressure, according to the ADA. That’s a lot of force! Although it’s nowhere near the bite a saltwater crocodile is capable of: up to 3,700 pounds per square inch.
  5. Hundreds of bacteria pose the risk of cavities. It’s true that our bodies harbor bacteria that are both good and bad for us. There are more than 300 kinds of mouth bacteria that can cause teeth decay. But with good oral hygiene, you can prevent cavities. In your routine cleanings, our dental hygienists will remove the bacteria-containing plaque that you cannot remove with your brush and floss.

And these are just several of the facts. There are many more! Strong, healthy teeth help us eat and they are an important part of the digestive system – after all, chewing food into manageable pieces is the first step in getting the nutrition you need. Beyond these functions, teeth are an important part of your confidence and self-esteem, because they make up your smile. So keeping teeth healthy for the long run is essential!

Individualized Dental Health Care

At The Dentists, we are personally committed to helping you achieve your best possible oral health. During your routine dental checkups, we clean your teeth and look for signs of any potential problems, including cavities. We have four different locations in Omaha. Please call one of our offices today to schedule your next appointment.

  • Hillsborough: 402-445-4647
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  • Village Point: 402-505-7474
  • Dundee: 402-502-5593

New Dental Technology: i-CAT® FLX 3D Scanner

iCAT 3D cone beam scanner OmahaAt The Dentists, we are committed to staying on the cutting edge of dental technology. We keep ourselves informed of the latest innovations, and sometimes we incorporate a new device or technique into our practice if we think it will benefit our patients.

We are excited to announce the addition of a new scanning machine, the i-CAT® FLX 3D. It produces images of your teeth, mouth and soft tissues, so that we can plan your dental procedures. Please contact us today to learn more.

What is this Technology?

This imaging machine allows our dentists to see your teeth, bones and soft tissue in three dimensions! It enhances the way we plan and perform dental procedures. It can also help us avoid complications by improving visualization of the treatment area.

You may have heard these machines called CBCT or cone beam CTs. They emit very little radiation. This specific model allows us to control the dose of radiation because we can customize it to take a scan of the precise area we need, not a large scan of your entire oral cavity or face.

Your Dental Care at our Omaha Offices

Cone beam image OmahaIf you are interested in the i-CAT® machine or want to learn more about any of our technology or techniques, please call us:

  • In Hillsborough, at 402-445-4647
  • In Ralston, at 402-733-4441
  • In Village Point, at 402-505-7474
  • In Dundee, at 402-502-5593

The 3D cone beam CT can be used for various procedures, including dental implants and endodontics. It can also be used for general dentistry and includes a 2D panoramic feature, which is the type of digital x-ray you may be familiar with from your routine checkups.

To arrange a consultation or to schedule your cleaning and exam, please call one of the locations listed above. We look forward to discussing your dental health goals!

Are You a Porcelain Veneers Candidate?

Dental veneers are an outstanding option for concealing cosmetic flaws. They are durable and strong, yet look like natural, attractive teeth. A consultation with our dentists is necessary, but you can start the process of considering your options by taking our quiz. During an in-person consultation, we can examine your teeth and discuss your goals with you, and then our dentists can determine if porcelain veneers will be a good option. To arrange your appointment in Omaha, please call us at 402-307-6227.

The Dentists Win Best of Omaha 2018

We are so excited to announce that our practice has won the title of Best of Omaha™ for the 11th year in a row! Our mission is to provide our patients with outstanding dental care, exceptional customer service and great results. To us, this award signals that we are well on our way to fulfilling our mission. But it doesn’t stop here! We are committed to helping every guest that comes through our door achieve lasting oral health and a smile they are proud of.

We offer comprehensive services, including:

Thank you voting for us again, and for continuing to visit our dentists for your oral health needs.

Every year, Omaha Magazine distributes tens of thousands of ballots as part of its Best of Omaha™ contest. There are many categories, and our practice has been ranked under best-of Family Dentist Office for 11 years in a row. In 2018, we share the Best Of title with only two other practices, so it means a lot to us to be voted “best” out of all of the other practices in the city. We are so grateful to our patients, who make coming to work a meaningful and rewarding experience.

What are your dental goals for the New Year? Is it time for a routine cleaning and exam? Interested in touching up those pearly whites? Let our dentists discuss all of your options.

To schedule a consultation in Omaha, please call The Dentists at one of the following numbers:

  • In Hillsborough, at 402-307-6227
  • In Ralston, at 402-307-6215
  • In Village Point, at 402-307-6223
  • In Dundee, at 402-307-6244