Omaha, Nebraska

Dental extraction, or removing a tooth, may be performed for different reasons. Most commonly decay, infection or breakage may have damaged the tooth structure beyond repair. When restoration is not an option extracting the infected tooth is the healthiest option. Sometimes, wisdom teeth will have to be extracted, as will teeth in a mouth that requires more space for orthodontic treatment. Patients that have severe gum disease could have supporting tissues and bone structure that are affected enough to require extraction. Our dentists will spend the time with you to discuss the pro and cons of tooth extraction and together you can decide if this treatment is right for you.

Many extractions can be performed with local anesthetic in our office. Making sure you’re comfortable is our priority. The procedure, risks and post-operative instructions will be thoroughly explained. If you need an extraction performed due to decay or for orthodontic purposes, contact our Omaha Dentist. Our Nebraska Dentist offers consultations in Omaha