Orthodontics – Straight Teeth for Omaha Patients

Omaha Orthodontics Treatments for Bellevue and nearby areas in Nebraska

If you have teeth that keep you from smiling brightly for the camera, there may be a simple fix: orthodontia. Orthodontics can’t remedy gaps between teeth, crooked teeth, and teeth that developed too high or too low for your natural bite. While we do not offer orthodontics at The Dentists of Omaha, we have an orthodontist that we trust and often use as a referral.

We have an orthodontist that we work closely with who sees patients in our office several times a week. The orthodontist will first meet with the patient for a complementary orthodontic exam and to evaluate the type of malocclusion. Next, they’ll take molds of your mouth and panoramic or cephalometric x-rays. They’ll discuss a treatment plan with you and let you know what options you may have with braces and orthodontic appliances. Besides traditional metal braces, there are clear braces that are almost invisible, making them a great option for those that may be self-conscious about the metal brackets.

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Children and adults both can be candidates for orthodontic treatment to fix malocclusion—or “bad bite.” Orthodontic care is achieved through the use of dental appliances. Braces are cemented onto the teeth and removable appliances or retainers are taken in and out by the patient. These appliances are not only used to straighten teeth but also to correct an irregular bite, to bring teeth and lips into correct alignment and to close unwanted gaps to achieve a more aesthetic appearance. Treatment time averages about 24 months; adult treatment typically takes a little longer than a child’s treatment, but any patient can see satisfying results with braces or retainers.

If you are interested in orthodontics including invisible braces or Clear Correct, contact our office to discuss a referral for a consultation with the orthodontist in Omaha, Nebraska. To discuss orthodontics with our dentists, please contact us by filling out the form on this page or calling 402.445.4647. We have four convenient locations around the Omaha area.