Pediatric Dental Care

Omaha, Nebraska

One of the greatest joys of raising a family is the opportunity to relive our own happy childhood through our children’s experiences. Watching and feeling their reactions to new environments, witnessing their brand new learning opportunities, and observing their conquests of life’s little challenges – things we may take for granted every day. Our children are mirrors of us, absorbing our reactions, and frequently responding to events the way we do. When our children are surrounded by happy, caring people, those feelings stay with them and re-emerge when exposed to the same experience again and again.

At The Dentists we’re aware of how intuitive your children are. That’s why we’ve designed a kid-friendly environment for all our patients – parents and kids alike. We know that if the parents are happy and comfortable with our staff and family-styled service, their children will be at ease as well. We want your child to be excited about coming to their dentist appointment and enthusiastic about their oral health. That’s why we have created a home away from home in our office that’s friendly to kids but also relaxing for mom and dad.

Preparing for Your Child’s First Visit

We’re here for the parents, too. We know your kids may be anxious about their first visit. Here are some tips on how to prepare your child for a trip to the dentist’s office:

  • Talk with your child on what to expect, building their excitement about the upcoming visit
  • We can talk to your child about the tools we’ll be using, show them around the office and even demonstrate on a parent to make them feel more comfortable
  • Be prepared and help keep your visit short and sweet by bringing your child’s dental history with you
  • Let your kids know we’ve got lots of fun distractions for them but just in case, bring their own favorite toys, blankets or video games as well
  • Make sure your child avoids sugary foods and caffeine before their appointment
  • Consider scheduling a pre-visit to acclimate your child to our office
  • Talk to us about accompanying your child in the treatment room. Depending on the procedure, we may be able to accommodate your request

Preparation and educated expectations can alleviate many fears for parents and children. You can expect the following experiences during a family visit to our office:

  • Digital x-rays for diagnostic purposes
  • A demonstration on how to keep teeth healthy including brushing with fluoride toothpaste, flossing and advice on healthy dietary habits
  • A discussion and grand plan on regular dental visits