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Happiness cannot be ignored when it is shown with a wide, teeth-bearing grin. And there is nothing that create a wide grin like your dentist giving you a clean bill of oral health care! Here at The Dentists at Hillsborough, our Omaha dentists are dedicated to helping our patients receive optimal levels of oral health. This is why we were voted Best Family Dentist of 2015 by Omaha Magazine, a distinction worth smiling about.

What Treatments are Available at The Dentists?

Every patient is unique. Because of this, we consider your lifestyle, overall dental health, and your requests and expectations before we create a treatment plan for you. At your appointment, we will take any necessary x-rays and use the appropriate diagnostic tools to complete an oral exam to best assess your dental needs. Our Omaha dentists provide a full range of services including:

We encourage you to ask questions about your oral health treatment plan and remember that no question is too basic for us! We strive for our patients to be educated about their options and to be actively involved in deciding what treatment options are best for them.

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What Can I Expect at my First Appointment?

You can expect a friendly and caring atmosphere during your initial appointment with our Omaha dentists. We will review your medical history, perform an oral cancer screening, take measurements of your gums, do a thorough teeth cleaning, and discuss the treatment plan that fits your dental wants and needs.

At The Dentists of Omaha, we also work with you to assist in maximizing any insurance benefits that you may have available and find a payment plan that works with your monthly budget for any recommended dental treatments. Prior to any treatments, our Financial Coordinators will discuss fees associated with the dental treatment, what amount is expected from your dental insurance, and the different payment plans we have available.

If you have been considering a dental treatment and would like some more information, or, if you are searching for a new, family-friendly dentist, contact our Omaha dentist office today at   402.445.4647 to schedule your initial appointment. We have four convenient locations in the Omaha area, so we know you can find an office that works for you.

Call us today to schedule your initial appointment and become part of our dental family!