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Planning Cosmetic Dentistry in 2018

November 13th, 2017 by

Young professionals cosmetic dentistry in Omaha NEReady or not, 2018 will be here in 48 days! What are your goals for next year? Do they include feeling great about your smile and dental health? As experienced cosmetic dentists, we know  New Year’s goals often include dental concerns. To find out how we can help you have your improved smile ready to reveal by early next year, please call The Dentists in Omaha at 402-307-6227.

What Dental Goals Do You Want to Achieve in 2018?

Next year can be the year you feel exceedingly happy about your teeth and smile. Our experienced and compassionate cosmetic dentists can help you build a treatment plan that will accomplish each of your objectives.

We know that aesthetics and function go hand-in-hand. Beautiful teeth are the most beautiful when they are healthy and strong. When we recommend a treatment, it often improves the appearance and health of the teeth. This is easy to see with certain treatments like dental implants, which improve your smile but also help you chew and prevent other teeth from shifting.

Would you like to smile more confidently starting next year? Please consult our dentists about the best ways to make over your smile and rejuvenate your oral health.

What’s the first step on the path to a great smile in 2018? Identifying the things about your teeth you would like to improve. Some of the most common dental issues are:

  • Yellowed and discolored teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Worn teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Gum recession
  • Uneven gums or an overly gummy smile

Our cosmetic dentists can correct all of these issues and others. Each person who comes to our practice has their own unique dental history and dental objectives. We are personally driven by enhancing the smiles and oral health of each and every person who chooses our practice.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services

There are many different services to improve, enhance and strengthen your teeth, including:

You should consider cosmetic dentistry if you are unhappy with the way your smile looks. If you cover your teeth when you laugh or raise your hand to conceal your teeth, these are all signs you may be a good candidate for these services. But even if you don’t identify with any of these things, but are simply interested in what aesthetic dental treatments can do for you, we encourage you to call The Dentists in Omaha. We’ll help you determine if dentistry aligns with what you are trying to achieve.

Factors to Consider as You Plan

Young couples' cosmetic dentistry Omaha NEPerhaps you’ve been wondering if it’s the right time for these treatments. Here are a few things you may want to think about and ask about during your consultation:

  • Costs
  • Financing
  • Duration of treatment
  • Longevity of results
  • Special maintenance or cleaning requirements

Cost: Cost can be one of the most significant factors to plan for. After discussing your options in a consultation, our office team will outline the costs of the treatments. We’ll help you determine if your dental insurance policy covers any portion of treatment, although most plans do not provide coverage for treatments that they consider purely cosmetic, such as porcelain veneers.

Financing: We provide financing options via CareCredit. If you are interested, you must apply to see if you are eligible. CareCredit makes monthly payments for the cost of cosmetic dentistry possible. Our team can tell your more about financing and other payment options.

Duration of treatment: While a treatment like orthodontics may take years to complete, porcelain veneers are placed over the course of just a few appointments. We certainly understand the desire to see results as soon as possible, but we also want to ensure you receive the most effective treatments. Rely on us to discuss all aspects of treatment length with you.

Longevity of results: How long will the dental results last? This is an important aspect of choosing a treatment or procedure. Dental implants, orthodontics and porcelain veneers provide some of the longest-lasting results possible. And the high quality of modern dental materials mean that the vast majority of restorations are durable and strong.

Special maintenance or cleaning requirements: Most dental restorations – including dental implants and veneers – do not require any additional care, just a great dental hygiene routine. Removable dentures require cleaning, as do braces and teeth aligner trays. We’ll help you factor maintenance into your choice of treatment.

How Cosmetic Dentistry May Benefit You in 2018

The advantages of cosmetic dentistry are personal. We cannot tell you the exact ways it may affect you, but we can tell you that our cosmetic dentistry patients experience many positive outcomes:

  • Professionally: While having a great smile won’t necessarily get you a job, feeling good about your smile could positively influence your interviews. Think about it this way: When you feel good about the way you look, you are more likely to be outgoing and confident, two characteristics that tend to be beneficial when interviewing for a job.
  • Socially: Looking and feeling good may improve your face-to-face interactions with loved ones, new acquaintances, friends and co-workers.
  • In ways related to dental health: For some people, feeling better about the appearance of their teeth may cause them to take better care of their teeth. A great dental hygiene routine includes brushing, flossing once a day and visiting the dentist every 6 months.

For some people, the results of cosmetic dentistry are life-changing. For others, it provides a way to look and feel their best, or to improve upon a smile they already feel great about. Talk to our dentists to find out whether it is a good fit for you.

Arrange a Consultation in Omaha

Interested in learning more about aesthetic dentistry in Omaha, Nebraska? If so, please call The Dentists at 402-307-6227. Our experienced cosmetic dentists are personally committed to providing outstanding care and beautiful results. For your convenience, we have four office locations in the area.

8 Dental Tips

August 23rd, 2017 by

The experienced dentists at our Omaha practice want you to enjoy your best oral health. See our tips for achieving and maintaining good dental hygiene. Ready to schedule an appointment? Please contact us by completing the form on this page or give us a call at 402-307-6227.

Vote for The Dentists in The Best of Omaha

August 9th, 2017 by

Dental results in OmahaThere’s still time to vote for us in The Best of Omaha™ awards! Omaha Magazine has once again included our dental practice as a nominee. You have until August 20 to vote for us over at Omaha Magazine’s website.

We are proud to have won this award 9 years in a row, and we’d love to win it a tenth time. But what we care about most is providing outstanding care and results for our patients every day. The Dentists are local dentists and we are proud to serve Nebraskans. With years of experience, we can address all of your general, cosmetic and restorative dental issues.

These are just several of the many services we offer:

Your unique dental goals are important to us. They form the basis of our care and guide our daily work at the office. Each of our guests has a unique idea of what they want to achieve from dentistry. And we respect that individuality. When you meet with one of our experienced dentists, we will have an in-depth conversation about your objectives and make sure you know all of your treatment options.

To arrange a consultation, please call our experienced staff at 402-307-6227, or complete the contact form on this page. We have four Omaha locations and look forward to meeting you!

Your Guide to Great Dental Health

July 27th, 2017 by

Maintaining healthy teeth has a number of benefits: a more attractive smile, better overall health, ease of chewing and speaking, gums that don’t bleed, less risk of infection. There are a number of people who don’t practice healthy dental habits, though, which can lead to needing extensive dental treatments to correct painful gum and teeth for good dental health omaha

We’ve put together this guide to help you make healthy decisions regarding your oral health. Our cosmetic, general, and family dentists have years of experience helping people obtain healthy, beautiful smiles. Come see us in person for more personalized recommendations for your own teeth. Call us at 402-307-6227 to schedule your appointment.

How to Brush and Floss Correctly

Although most people brush their teeth at least once a day, many adults and children don’t know the best ways to get the most out of your brushing. Here’s what you should be doing:

  • Brush for at least two minutes, making sure to clean the front, back, and chewing surfaces of all your teeth.
  • Brush twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. If you consume a lot of sugary food or drink, consider brushing more often.
  • Wait at least 30 minutes after eating or drinking to brush your teeth. Eating and drinking acidic food or drink can soften tooth enamel, and brushing too soon afterwards can speed enamel erosion.
  • Supervise your child while they brush their teeth until the age of 7.
  • Dental health is important even at a very young age. As soon as teeth start to come in, make sure to take care of those teeth.

how often should you flossBrushing is important, but flossing is just as important. Too many adults and children don’t floss as often as they should, if they floss at all. Flossing helps to remove plaque and food particles between the teeth. If these are not removed, they can lead to tooth decay, which requires composite filling at the best and full tooth extraction at the worst.

Flossing should be done at least once a day, preferably at night before going to bed. It may be painful if you haven’t flossed in a while, but stick it out and after a few days your gums will be used to it. It will be even more painful if you end up with extensive tooth decay, so it’s definitely worth it to stick to a flossing regimen.

The Best Foods for Oral Health

Eating a healthy diet is one of the best things you can do for your teeth. Conversely, eating a diet high in sugar and simple carbs  (such as soda, fast food, candy, white bread, and more) is bad for both your teeth and your overall health.

Here are some of the best foods to eat for healthy teeth:

  • Cheese
  • Leafy greens
  • Whole fruits and vegetables
  • Plain yogurt
  • Almonds

Water is also essential to a healthy and teeth-friendly diet. It doesn’t erode or stain your teeth like soda, wine, tea, and coffee do. It can also be used in place of mouthwash to rinse away loose food particles or residue, and can help rinse acid off the teeth after a meal.

Tea is actually good for general oral health, but it can stain the teeth. If your teeth have been stained from years of drinking coffee, tea, or other dark colored liquids, we offer professional teeth whitening services to help you achieve a bright, white smile again.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Regular visits to the dentist are vital for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. A dentist isoral exam and teeth cleaning omaha able to examine your teeth for cavities, decay, infection, and other potential problems. They can deep clean your teeth professionally, and eliminate plaque build-up. Plus, they’ll check your mouth for signs of cancer and perform X-rays to make sure your teeth are in good shape.

If you have tooth decay, it can cause serious problems if left untreated. Minor cavities can often be treated easily with a dental inlay such as composite fillings; however, larger areas of decay may require a root canal and dental crown. If the decay is so bad that most of the tooth is affected, you may need a dental extraction.

Services that The Dentists offer include:

We also offer emergency dental services if you have a dental issue in immediate need of attention.

Start Good Dental Health Habits Young

Great dental health starts when you are a child. If children are raised to practice good oral hygiene and not fear the dentist, they will have much better oral health as they become adults. We recommend the following tips for helping children maintain strong teeth:

  • Brush your child’s teeth for them using a small brush with soft bristles until they are old enough to handle the toothbrush themselves. Continue to supervise for a few years at least.
  • Feed your child a wholesome and healthy diet. Occasional treats are okay, but make sure they brush and floss properly afterwards.
  • Take your child to the dentist as early as possible. Prepare them for the visit by explaining what they should expect and why they are going.
  • Maintain a regular, long-term dental checkup schedule.

when to take your child to the dentistHere at The Dentists, we’ll help your child acclimate by showing them around the office, explaining the tools we use, and providing toys for them to play with. In most cases, parents are welcome to accompany their child into the treatment room as well.

Our family dentists are experienced with caring for children and their teeth, and will do their best to help your child have a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Schedule Your Appointment With The Dentists Today

Whether you have perfect teeth and just need to maintain your smile, have a major dental problem, are looking for a dentist to bring your kids to, or even just want to fix a cosmetic problem, The Dentists are here to help.

Call us at 402-307-6227 to schedule your appointment today. We have four locations around Omaha, Nebraska and we are ready to help you obtain a healthy and beautiful smile.



Is DIY Teeth Whitening a Good Idea?

July 11th, 2017 by

Teeth whitening treatment in OmahaAn experienced cosmetic dentist provides the best possible teeth whitening results. But many people wonder if they can do it themselves. While DIY teeth whitening may work for you, we recommend visiting our cosmetic dentists for a consultation. If you can’t get your teeth as white as you want on your own, we can tell you about our professional options for creating a glamorous smile.

Here are the most common at-home whitening tips you might find on the internet:

  • DIY #1: A healthy diet. Eating well is great for the appearance and health of your teeth and gums. A whole foods diet, including plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit, has loads of vitamins and minerals that are essential to the health of your teeth. And healthy teeth are less likely to have decay and other unattractive problems.
  • DIY #2: “Oil pulling.” Swishing coconut oil in your mouth for 20 minutes is called oil pulling, and it keeps popping up on DIY teeth whitening blogs across the internet. While it’s probably not harmful, there is little evidence that it does anything to whiten your teeth, and it certainly should not be used as an alternative to brushing and flossing.
  • DIY #3: Good dental hygiene. While your at-home hygiene cannot remove stains the way professional teeth whitening does, brushing and flossing helps to prevent stains. It does so by breaking up the bacterial film on your teeth that causes tooth decay. Brushing also removes foods and beverages that stain your teeth, such as red wine, tomato sauce and coffee.
  • DIY #4: Teeth whitening strips. Over-the-counter teeth whitening strips are ubiquitous. They’re everywhere – from the ads on television to your local grocery store. Some people are dissatisfied with the results of these strips because they are uneven: The strips are not customized to fit precisely over your teeth.
  • DIY #5: Activated charcoal. Activated charcoal seems to be in everything these days, from skincare products to smoothies. Traditionally, activated charcoal has been used to treat people who have been poisoned. The pores of the charcoal absorb poisonous materials, thereby removing them from your body. It is possible that a paste made with water and charcoal, when applied to the surface of your teeth, would bind with stain-causing bacteria; however, there is no evidence proving it.

You deserve to feel great about your smile. Teeth whitening is a simple, fast way to rejuvenate your smile in a dramatic way.

To find out if our Omaha NE teeth whitening services are right for you, please call The Dentists at 402-307-6227.

The Dentists Win Omaha’s Choice

June 14th, 2017 by

Omaha dentistry patients smilingThe Dentists are proud to have once again received the honor of inclusion in the Omaha’s Choice Awards. The Omaha World-Herald has recently announced the 2017 winners, and we are one of two dental practices voted as “Omaha’s Choice.”

The fact that people voted for us means so much to our dentists and our entire team. We love coming to work each day because it means we can provide outstanding care and results, and hopefully each guest leaves our office feeling better about their dental health and smile.

As Nebraskans, we are proud to serve people from Omaha and the surrounding areas. We have four office locations to better reach our community. Each practice location has a talented team of dentists and dental professionals committed to achieving your goals.

We offer a full array of dental services, to improve your dental health and smile appearance. We are here to help you choose a treatment plan that will accomplish each of your goals.

To arrange a consultation or appointment with our Omaha’s Choice dentists, please call us at 402-307-6227, or complete the contact form on this page. We look forward to meeting you and discussing your dental goals.

Quiz: Dental Health Myths vs. Facts

June 7th, 2017 by

Dentistry is a centuries-old field of medicine. In fact, ancient dentistry is said to have occurred as far back as 5000 BC, when a Sumerian text described tooth worms as the cause of decay, according to the American Dental Association. With such a far-reaching history, it’s no wonder that dental myths and fictions abound. Can you identify the dental myth from fact? Take our quiz to find out!

Ready to get the facts on your dental health? In Omaha, The Dentists provide personalized, tailored care. We are passionate about helping you achieve your best oral health. To schedule a consultation, please call our staff at 402-307-6227.

Best of Omaha Awards – Voting Begins July 1

May 24th, 2017 by

Family dentists in OmahaVoting for Best Of Omaha™ by Omaha Magazine begins July 1! You can see the full details here. We are so pleased to have been voted Best Family Dentist Office in Omaha for nine years in a row, including for 2017! We are passionate about helping our guests achieve their best smiles and oral health, and we are honored and hope that being voted Best Dentists means we are serving our guests well.

With the summer season around the corner, what are your smile goals this year? Want your pearly whites to look their best in summer snapshots? Consult our dentists to develop a treatment plan. Our experienced dentists can address all cosmetic tooth and smile issues, such as:

  • Stained teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Decayed teeth
  • Overly gummy smile
  • Teeth sensitivity
  • Gum recession

We are fully committed to and passionate about helping our patients enjoy their very best smiles.

Would you like to schedule a cleaning and exam, or a cosmetic dentistry consultation, with one of our award-winning dentists in Omaha? If so, please call The Dentists staff at 402-307-6227. We have four different locations in the city to better serve your family.

Best Farmers’ Market Foods For Your Teeth

May 11th, 2017 by

Omaha farmers' market foods that are good for your teethIn Omaha, the prime farmers’ market season is right around the corner. Late-spring and summer produce from local farms will soon be making an appearance. The caring family dentists at our practice have the following pointers about teeth-healthy farmers’ market selections:

  • Kale, collard greens, other leafy greens – Great for your teeth and oral health! Dark, leafy greens are full of vitamins, minerals and calcium, which are all important to strong, healthy teeth and tissues.
  • Lemons, limes, strawberries, grapes – Foods like these have relatively high acidity. High acidity in your mouth can erode the enamel on your teeth and leave them more vulnerable to cavities. But these fruits have good-for-you vitamins, minerals and fiber, so what can you do? One tip is to eat an acidic product in one sitting. Don’t snack on it throughout the day. That way, you are limiting the high acidity to a single period of time, after which you can rinse out your mouth.
  • Carrots, avocados, cucumbers, apples – These low-acid fruits and veggies are good for your body and for your teeth.
  • Dairy products – Love the local dairy products at the market? Dairy is great for your teeth because of the calcium content (and the low acidity). Calcium strengthens the bones beneath your teeth and may help strengthen teeth enamel.

Our dentistry team encourages your family to partake of the variety of healthy, wholesome foods at your local Nebraska farmers’ market this season.

Are you searching for an experienced family dentist in Omaha? To learn more about us and to schedule an appointment, please call The Dentists at 402-307-6227. We have four office locations to better serve people across the city.

Choosing a Family Dentist

March 22nd, 2017 by

Family dentist in Omaha

Family dentistry is so important to the oral health of every member of your family. But there are a lot of family dentists in the Omaha area. How are you supposed to know which dentist is right for you and your family?

At The Dentists, we have a very simple philosophy: To be a family dentist, you have to be committed to family dentistry. This means we have designed our office to be a safe, warm, welcoming place for children. We show cartoons on the TV in the lobby, and we always talk to children about what they are comfortable with when they sit in the dentist’s chair.

But perhaps most importantly, our dentists are all warm, friendly and personable, and they are all experienced at working with children. We know that children have unique, specific dental needs, and we are committed to working with those needs.

We want our pediatric patients to enjoy lifelong oral health and a great smile. Getting them started off on the right foot – so to speak – goes a long way toward accomplishing this. Schedule your child’s first appointment within 6 months of the appearance of their first tooth.

If you live in or around Omaha, Nebraska and you’re looking for high-quality family dentistry, please call The Dentists. The number for our Hillsborough office is 402-307-6227, but we have four offices across the city to meet your needs.